hidden ssid - broadcast beacons - Question

Stefan Bauer info
Tue Aug 14 06:46:11 PDT 2007

Brian Bender schrieb:
> No, "RFMON" or "monitor" mode. It puts the card in a completely  
> passive state (no transmit) and passes everything it receives up the  
> stack. How you get the card _into_ monitor mode is dependent on the  
> card, last time I checked (aironet used /proc subsys, couple of the  
> drivers work with iwconfig or iwpriv).

Thanks for the hint. the monitor mode is the default mode which is
required for kismet. i used this all the time. thats why kismet is
called a passive scanning-tool which never generates traffic. it only

i found out, that there are no clients awaiting connectings to this
accesspoints, so there is no way to find out the ssid. maybe i forget

best regards


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