Offtopic: WPA-PSK: Every client connection from AP has own key?

Beat Meier Beat.Meier
Mon May 29 05:05:19 PDT 2006


I'm a little bit confused about encryption of wpa-psk.
If using wpa-psk every client has an other key to encrypt data transfer or all have the same?
I.e. data transfers can be decrypted from one client which is for an other client?
The Preshared key is what is called master key from which the PMK is generated?

Some thread say the all have the same enc. key (only EAP-TLS has different keys) other they have all the own key ...

If every client has an own key where is this key stored i.e. how is this encryption done in hw if every
client has own key???
Where can I get more infos about that?

Thanks a lot



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