hostap_pci & wpa & firmware

Jar jar
Thu May 25 08:11:03 PDT 2006

Jan Satko wrote:
>> periodically. It works 1-2 hours and then breaks. After 10-20 min
> Had same problems. Some months of work on it and no success.
> So i tried Atheros chipset and madwifi driver. Hostap driver seems not
> working well.

Yeah. Without wpa is works well. Seems that those breaks has something 
to do with wpa.

Does anyone have 100% working system with hostapd+wpa(TKIP or CCMP)? And 
if so which firmware?

I have tried 1.8.2 and 1.8.4 but those causes me occasional card resets 
when the Intel iw2100 client try to associate. the 1.7.4 don't cause 
resets, but it breaks the connection periodically. Clients do not use 
power saving, but does acpi cause some power saving in Linux side? Does 
hostap_pci do some power saving etc.?

Best Regards, Jar

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