Problems with wpa_supplicant

Tomas Larsson tomas
Wed May 24 15:18:03 PDT 2006

Encountering som strange things.
Trying to get a RT61 card to work on Fedora 4

Installed a 8K kernel and libs.
Installed ndiswrapper and the windsows-driver.
Getting the response in wpa_gui "association request to the driver failed"
The same thing happens with the experimantal rt2x00 file.
Wpa_supplicant is compiled with support for both ndis and wext.
Wpa-psk keys and ESSID is set correctly.
The logs in the AP tells me that the card was dissassociated.

Whats up, is there something I have forgotten.
Using the 0.4.9 source.

With best regards

Tomas Larsson

Verus Amicus Est Tamquam Alter Idem 

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