hostap_pci & wpa & firmware

Jar jar
Wed May 24 13:33:54 PDT 2006

Currently I am using pri=1.1.1 and sta=1.7.4 firmwares for my prism2.5 
AP (pci card). The connection is perfect without encryption, but with 
hostapd and wpa or rsn enabled (TKIP or CCMP) the connection breaks 
periodically. It works 1-2 hours and then breaks. After 10-20 min 
breaking time the connection comes back. During this breaking time no 
packet gets through between client and AP.

I have tested it with two windows laptop clients (xp+sp1 & xp+sp2 )and 
three different wlan cards, but that's not helped. Which firmware do you 
use or recommend for use with hostapd+wpa+prism2.5?

Best Regards, Jar

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