Configuring DHCP on wlan0ap interface...

Fawad Nazir fawad.nazir
Tue May 23 16:07:47 PDT 2006

> > If not, then is it possible to forward the DHCP Link Layer broadcast
> > to the network connected to Ethernet eth0 and let the DHCP server in
> > our network assign an IP address to the STA's.
>Ignore the wlan0ap and wifi0 interfaces. The only interface that
interests us is wlan0.

Thanks a lot Jar. I have now configured DHCP on wlan0, its working
fine. I also tried to check the two interfaces by sniffing the
packets. The DHCP packets are sent to wlan0 interface while the
association packets are sent to wlan0ap interface.
I want to test IAPP protocol implementation in hostapd, can you please
refer me to some case study for testbed setup in which IAPP is used I
am also documenting my whole experience installing HostAP and hostapd,
once i am done i will like to develop a how-to for new users like

Thanks a lot.


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