wpa_supplicant with bridge

Chris Baechle bangular
Wed May 17 07:36:44 PDT 2006

> I do the same, almost:
> - "iwpriv ath0 wds 1" before "ifconfig ath0"
> - add ath0 to br0 before "ifconfig br0 up"
> - "setfd br0 0" before "ifconfig br0 up"

Using that order I am able to stay connected to the access point. If I
give br0 an address I am able to ping hosts. However, I'm still unable
to get packets through.

I keep seeing this error
ioctl[IEEE80211_IOCTL_SETMLME]: Invalid argument

I searched the madwifi lists and bugs, and it seems there was a bug
reported in the last month regarding madwifi, wpa_supplicant, and that
error. I'm going to contact the madwifi list and see if it was ever a
confimed bug.

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