IBSS = no response ????

Henrik Brix Andersen brix
Mon May 15 10:12:08 PDT 2006

On Mon, May 15, 2006 at 09:55:10AM -0700, Dan Kramarsky wrote:
> How come whenever "IBSS" or "ad-hoc" is in the message subject, no
> one responds?

Perhaps because no-one on this list knows the answers to what you are

> Both Ly Hong and I have been sending messages to the hostap list and
> neither of us gets a satisfactory response?
> Why is that?

Sounds like you may have mistaken this mailing list for payed customer
support list?

Please bear in mind that wpa_supplicant, hostapd, hostap-driver and
hostap-utils are all open source software projects, primarily
supported by volunteers in their spare.

> I can't believe it's because no one here ever uses wpa_supplicant in
> ad-hoc environments.

In my experience, not many people use Ad-Hoc wireless networks at all
- and very few of the people who do use WPA.

> Hong, we might as well look elsewhere for satisfactory information.

Or you might do it the open-source way: You have the sourcecode for
all this software - there's no better way to learn how software works
than reading and understanding the source code.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to learn how it all works and be
able to give help and support to other people on the mailing list.

Henrik Brix Andersen <brix at gentoo.org>
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