[PATCH] hostapd: fixes for support the bcm43xx (and, probably, other dscape drivers) in master mode

Alexander V. Tsvyashchenko lists
Tue May 9 01:11:05 PDT 2006

Hello Jouni,

 JM> On Sun, May 07, 2006 at 10:35:06AM +0300, Alexander V. Tsvyashchenko

 JM> Hmm.. I have not noticed extra probe responses, but then again, I
 JM> haven't looked very closely on sniffer traces. Do you know whether the
 JM> driver/microcode can be modified not to reply to probes? Anyway,
 JM> applied with the if statement moved into beacon.c.

I also thought about that, but as specifications for this chip were
(so, they are quite incomplete) I didn't find the way to disable
handling by chip :-( Besides of that, I think chip handling has the
advantage of being
faster, as it does not put any load on CPU/driver.

JM> Thanks! I applied the changes apart from 1 and 5 which already done.

Ok, thank you!

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