[PATCH] hostapd: fixes for support the bcm43xx (and, probably, other dscape drivers) in master mode

Alexander V. Tsvyashchenko lists
Sun May 7 00:35:06 PDT 2006

Hi All,

Recently I've spent some time figuring out the way to use bcm43xx in master
mode (on my router Asus Wl-500g Deluxe). I used bcm43xx-d80211 + hostapd. It
took much longer than expected, but finally I have working master mode
(though, there are quite some restrictions).

I'll post detailed description of the whole procedure at www.openwrt.org,
but as for hostapd,
I'd like to propose the following patch, that provides support from hostapd

Basically, the patch contains the following components:

1) Fix for the name changes introduced in the latest version of d80211 stack
at wireless-dev.git tree
(i.e., wlan0 -> wmaster0, wlan0ap -> wmaster0ap, wlan0.11 -> wlan0).
I had to hard-code wmaster0ap name in the code, but it seems to be safe for
now, as it is curently the only interface
d80211 creates for that purpose (it seems, though, it can change in the

2) Support for disabling probe response sending - bcm43xx driver handles
probe responses on his own,
but passes probe response packets to hostapd, so hostapd also sends probe
replies - this confuses clients.
I added config parameter "send_probe_response" (1 by default) which allows
to disable probe responses handing
by hostapd.

3) I moved set_beacon call later in the code, because at the point it was
called, there's no yet info about supported
rates - thus, this info is not included in the beacon, which seems to be
wrong ...

4) I added set_beacon_int call, as I did not find it anywhere in the code.

corresponds to the change in d80211 stack).

The patch is against one of the latest snapshots before 0.5.3 release - I
beleive, it should apply correctly to 0.5.3 also.

Please comment!

Good luck!                            Alexander
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