WFA SC PlugFest 1 Results

Wang, Zhu L
Wed May 3 10:34:27 PDT 2006

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	From: Wang, Zhu L 
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	Subject: FW: WFA SC PlugFest 1 Results


	Some problems were reported when using Intel's SDK. After
discussion with peers, it seems like a HostApd problem.

	Please see included message for details.


	I summarize my questions about EAP-Request/Identity frame in
Intel SDK:
	Q1. The AP always sends EAP-Request/Identity frame twice with
different values for the Identifier field(attached file Q1.jpg #Q1).

	Q2. The Protocol Version value of 802.1x Authentication always
is '2' in EAP-Request/Identity(attached file Q2_4.jpg #Q2).

	Q3. The Identifier value of Extensible Authentication Protocol
always is started from a large number. It is okay, and I just think that
the value usual is started from 1(attached file Q2_4.jpg #Q3).

	Q4. The Type-Data field of  Extensible Authentication Protocol
always shows "hello". I think it should be
"WFA-SimpleConfig-Enrollee-1-0" (attached file Q2_4.jpg #Q3).

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