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thomasasta at thomasasta
Mon May 1 10:06:22 PDT 2006


if I understand host ap right, it makes every wifi chip a wireless router?
So my laptop can recieve and transmit wireless packets to any other laptop
without host ap?

this is a great advantage if you think of meshed wireless networks.

see here for a routing protocol

would it be possible to make a software, which is one installer for all?,
e.g. laptops with wifi chip, desktop pc with wifi slot card, and routers
like linksys wrt 54 G etc, and as well to have the OLSR protocol used ?

This the woudl allow the following seing:
15 laptops in a house (students flat), without any router they connect
wireless and perform a network. one laptop has internet connectivity
additioonally, with olsr the all meshed wirless cells can hop to the
internet laptop and share the line to surf.

till now OLSR is only working for wireless routers and you need it installed
on teh laptop to mesh the cell, but how can hostap help to mesh the wireless
cells better ?

So for filesharing this would mean a real ad hoc network, where all
wifi-nodes connect to each other and perform one great nework, if one node
has internet connectivity, the whole chained nodes have.

can someone give further details  about the difference between host ap and
olsr ? maybe you can subscribe to the olsr mailinglist for developes a well,
where the 4 improvements were discussed: autoassignment of ip adresses, end
to end encryption, intgrating a wifi-card driver like hostap and hybrid
access to the OLSR node for a) owner B) other olsr-node wifi-cell-hops away
and c) the normal wifi-laptop without Hostap in the direct environment of
the wireles cell - and its bandwidth management.


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