[PATCH 9/15] pcmcia: hostap_cs.c - 0xc00f, 0x0000 conflicts with pcnet_cs

Pavel Roskin proski
Fri Jun 30 14:18:43 PDT 2006

Hi Dominik,

On Fri, 2006-06-30 at 21:59 +0200, Dominik Brodowski wrote:
> -	PCMCIA_DEVICE_MANF_CARD(0xc00f, 0x0000),
> +/*	PCMCIA_DEVICE_MANF_CARD(0xc00f, 0x0000),    conflict with pcnet_cs */

That's fine if we also add symbolic names.  I could identify two
hostap_cs compatible cards using this ID :

card "Allied Telesyn AT-WCL452"
 version "Allied Telesyn", "AT-WCL452 Wireless PCMCIA Radio", "Ver.
 manfid 0xc00f, 0x0000
 bind "hostap_cs"

card "corega WL PCCL-11"
 version "corega", "WL PCCL-11", "ISL37300P", "RevA"
 manfid 0xc00f, 0x0000
 bind "hostap_cs"

(from http://www.handhelds.org/hypermail/oe-commits/41/4121.html)

Pavel Roskin

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