Modifying hostap source code

Gambhir, Pulkit Pulkit** CTR ** pgambhir
Wed Jun 28 03:27:03 PDT 2006


I am working with hostap version 0.2.4 on two red hat linux boxes (one on
kernel 2.4.20 and the other on 2.4.22). I am trying to setup a point to
point wireless link using directional antennas and am modifying hostap
source code in order to make the communication more efficient. Everytime I
make a small change in the source, I have to re-compile and re-install the
module (all that being done using the original hostap source Makefile) and
then reboot the system; is there some way I could run the code without
having to reboot the machine each time I recompile ?

I have tried the following sequence of steps :

*	shutdown wlan interface
*	change source, recompile and re-install it
*	plug out the pcmcia card
*	remove the hostap modules loaded in the memory (modprobe -r)
*	re-insert the pcmcia card (this automatically loads the host and
hostap_cs modules)

However everytime I do this, for some strange reason the kernel continues to
run the older module which I had supposedly over-written (I am assuming
there is some kind of caching at work here). On rebooting , the newer module
is loaded hassle free of course. The problem is that these constant reboots
are substantially increasing my development time, is there some way to avoid
this ?


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