creating new adhoc networks fails with ipw2200

Dan Williams dcbw
Tue Jun 27 12:14:22 PDT 2006

I seem to have run into a problem with this.  While I can create the
network setup using something like the following.  I don't intend to
join an _existing_ network; I want to create a totally new adhoc

        ssid="test adhoc"

wpa_supplicant will never return a successful connection event until I
set the frequency/channel on the card using 'iwconfig'.  This is with
ipw2200.  Is this the way it's supposed to work?  I don't think so, but
please correct me if I'm wrong.

One solution to this problem is to add a new configuration option to
wpa_ssid for "frequency", and add the config parsing logic to
ctrl_iface.c and the dbus side of things too.  If frequency was
specified, wpa_supplicant would direct the card to lock to that
frequency before any connection attempt and would unlock the frequency
after disassociation.



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