repeating (relaying?) between two hostap cards

BeCe boski_cinek
Mon Jun 26 02:35:26 PDT 2006

I have a PC box with two hostap cards (Prism 2.5) inside. The first one
(wlan0 and wifi0) is connected, through long antenna cable, to antenna
placed on the roof. The second one (wlan1 and wifi1) is connected to
small antenna placed in my house. At the moment wlan1 is configured to
work as AP for my home computers. Here's the scheme:

   | (long antenna cable)
|[wlan1]| (PC box)
   : (WiFi signal from wlan1 AP)
[Home computers]

When using wlan0 I can connect to my internet provider AP ([Master_AP]).
The wlan0 gets his IP address (from 192.168.1.x class) and I can ping
any site through it. What I need to do, is to let home computers connect
to this AP, so they would get their own IP address from my internet
provider (I would rather not use another NAT). So I want to make
everything between [Home computers] and [Master_AP] transparent for
them. I tried to make a bridge between wlan0 and wlan1, but It wasn't
working. So I was thinking: Is there any way to pass every single frame
(all trafic) between this two cards (I suspect between wifi0 and wifi1)?
It would work as a kind of signal reconstructor (relay), so I could see
on my home computers everything that wlan0 can see.

If it's not possible, is there any way I could connect my home computers
just to my provider AP?
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