Running bcm43xx-d80211 as access-point

Jean-Mickael Guerin jean-mickael.guerin
Thu Jun 15 02:09:19 PDT 2006


I'm trying to configure bcm43xx-d80211 as an opened access point.
First I made a quick patch to hostapd to deal with 'wmgmt0' instead of 
'wmasterap0', since the change in d80211 "[PATCH] d80211: switching 
management interface on/off". I'm using following commands (please 
comment if better way exists to create mgmt interface)

# iwpriv wmaster0 param 1046 1
# iwconfig wlan0 mode Master
# ifconfig wlan0 up
# hostap hostapd-open.conf
#./hostapd hostapd-open.conf
Configuration file: hostapd-open.conf
Opening raw packet socket for ifindex 13
Using interface wlan0 with hwaddr 00:10:18:XX:XX:XX and ssid 'TESTBCMD80211'
RATE[0] rate=10 flags=0x42
RATE[1] rate=20 flags=0x46
RATE[2] rate=55 flags=0x44
RATE[3] rate=110 flags=0x44

I can see probe response are being sent over wmaster0:
# tcpdump -n -i wmaster0
tcpdump: WARNING: wmaster0: no IPv4 address assigned
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on wmaster0, link-type IEEE802_11 (802.11), capture size 96 bytes
07:01:03.538838 Probe Response (TESTBCMD80211)  [1.0* 2.0* 5.5 11.0 
Mbit] CH: 0
07:01:03.562701 Probe Response (TESTBCMD80211)  [1.0* 2.0* 5.5 11.0 
Mbit] CH: 0

But my laptop does not detect TESTSSID network :(

driver logs look correct:

wmaster0: TX to low-level driver (len=60) FC=0x0050 DUR=0x013a 
A1=00:0e:35:YY:YY:YY A2=00:10:18:XX:XX:XX A3=00:10:18:XX:XX:XX

(A1 is my laptop, A2=A3 is AP)

Here are the logs when driver is loading

bcm43xx_d80211 driver
bcm43xx_d80211: Chip ID 0x4306, rev 0x3
bcm43xx_d80211: Number of cores: 5
bcm43xx_d80211: Core 0: ID 0x800, rev 0x4, vendor 0x4243, enabled
bcm43xx_d80211: Core 1: ID 0x812, rev 0x5, vendor 0x4243, disabled
bcm43xx_d80211: Core 2: ID 0x80d, rev 0x2, vendor 0x4243, enabled
bcm43xx_d80211: Core 3: ID 0x807, rev 0x2, vendor 0x4243, disabled
bcm43xx_d80211: Core 4: ID 0x804, rev 0x9, vendor 0x4243, enabled
bcm43xx_d80211: PHY connected
bcm43xx_d80211: Detected PHY: Version: 2, Type 2, Revision 2
bcm43xx_d80211: Detected Radio: ID: 2205017f (Manuf: 17f Ver: 2050 Rev: 2)
bcm43xx_d80211: Radio turned off
bcm43xx_d80211: Radio turned off

Any idea what's going wrong?



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