Obtaining access point connectivity information at application level

Sriram Chadalavada swenggsri
Wed Jun 14 13:00:22 PDT 2006

Hi everyone,
      We are trying to create a GUI application that reports status of a
prism wireless card (station/client/managed mode)  on our embedded device
that runs 2.4.26 kernel and hostap V2.6. We are using the older versions due
to legacy issues.

How can we obtain the following information from the hostap driver  (ioctl
calls??) :-
1. If the card has been taken out of range of an access point i.e. current
2. If the card can 'see' an access point but cannot connect to it (due to
authentication mismatch or wrong WEP key, for example)

I understand that linkstatus information is communicated by the card
firmware as an Unsolicited MAC Mgmt frame. So, the driver itself is aware
when the card goes out of range. My question is how can I obtain this
information at the application level? The 'status' field in the
/proc/net/wireless file does not seem to indicate this information.

Thanks in advance,
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