Linksys WCF54G with Hostap Driver

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Jun 12 18:03:28 PDT 2006


On Sat, 2006-06-10 at 18:16 -0700, Frank wrote:
> I seem to recall a patch to the 2.6.x kernel by someone (Pavel)
> that was supposed to fix this. I haven't had anytime to track it
> down, but if you do, let me know...

Actually, my patch wasn't supposed to work.  It was a demonstration how
a pseudo-code could be implemented in the driver.

I really regretted that I posted that patch.  I received many support
requests by private e-mail from people I don't know, who expected that
my patch would work for them and who expected me to help them.

Pavel Roskin

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