Linksys WCF54G with Hostap Driver

Marco Tidow martidow
Sat Jun 10 06:08:58 PDT 2006

On Fri, Jun.09. 21:13 -0700, Frank wrote:
> > the Sandisk Compact Flash Wifi cards.  There are a lot of them
> > to be
> > had pretty cheap on eBay, and they work with the hostAP
> > driver.
> The only problem is, I haven't herad of anyone getting the ide
> and wifi interface to work at the same time.

have _not_ tested the following stuff on my own, since after reading
about those struggles w/ the sandisk combi-card, I refused to buy
one, too (using a dual pcmcia-jacket + 0815-prism25 instead).

later, I stumble across this:

    Sandisk Connect Plus w/ 128MB flash  - prism3
      (due to tech support)
        the 128MB card uses a different chipset (prism3) than the original wireless-only card
      (WillLehman - November 2005)
        have this card working with an Ipaq 3850 (although others will work as well) running Familiar 0.8.2
        Basically you have to install three packages:
        Erase all references to SanDisk devices in /etc/hostap_cs.conf and add:
          card "SanDisk ConnectPlus 128M"
          version "SanDisk", "ConnectPlus"
          manfid 0xd601, 0x0101
          bind "hostap_cs" to 0
          #bind "ide-cs" to 1
        add to /etc/modules.conf
          options hostap_cs ignore_cis_vcc=1

last "options hostap_cs ignore_cis_vcc=1" depends on IPAQ?s 3V-only cf-slot, I?d guess;
but, has anyone tried to include the disabled line

   bind "ide-cs" to 1

...with success, a ka have both wifi + flash working same time?


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