Linksys WCF54G with Hostap Driver

Cristian Francesco Panessa 42429
Thu Jun 8 02:43:12 PDT 2006

Hi all,
I'm currently working on my thesis project  create a
point-to-point wireless link (IEEE 802.11g) between an Embedded System
(ARM-Based) with Linux (Kernel 2.6) and a PC. I want use Linksys WCF54G
Wireless Compact Flash 802.11g.
I ask if it work whit hostap driver, because there isn't support from
Linksys. Otherwise there is someone able to suggest me some
Compact Flash Card 802.11g that works under Linux kernel 2.6
Sorry for my email, but i might buy a Card only if it work...ibecause i
have little budget  :-(  for my thesis....

Thanks in advance
Best Regards


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