Prism 2.5 cntrl registers 3874 BBP,3842 based mac

Λευτέρης Σκούταρης skoutaris_e
Thu Jun 1 03:14:12 PDT 2006

                    Hello Mr Malinen and a good month to all!
I am working on a research testbed using Prism 2.5 mini pci cards.

These chipsets use the 3874 BBP processor based on 3842 MAC. My research
requires the implementation of another protocol and therefore some of
mac layers functions must be removed such as Carrier sensing which is
controlled by Clear Channel Assessment(CCA) chip and other parameters

The chip includes many interface registers (command,FIDs,BAPs,Event,Control,Host,Auxiliary port) from which i am interested only in the control configuration ones. The I/O offset to access the control ones  is 14.

The control configuration registers that are colerated with CCA are
CR1(02h) ,CR9(12h),CR35(46h). There are 64 CRegisters with double I/O

I read a hostap readme.txt in which you are mentioning that configuration
registers can be accessed with iwpriv tool with this development version driver.

iwpriv wlan0 readmif <2*CR>
iwpriv wlan0 writemif <2*CR> <val>
My goal is to change the values of some of the above registers to experiment with the throughtput of the cards and finally to disable carrier sensing.
My questions are:
Have you had any experience on the specific task?

What is the newest version of this driver that i can use for this research?
 Lastly i would like to ask you if you know anything about an evaluation software
 of intersil used for testing BBP processors and access these registers?
I found out that there was a kit sold by intersil including this software but no
reference at all and since prism is no longer intersil i thought u might knew.

Hope you will find time to escape your heavy workload and be able to

Best regards and wishes

Lefteris (kernel info: 2.6.16-1.2128_FC5 i686)

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