network speed with wpa_supplicant

Dan Werner danman.danman
Tue Feb 28 21:10:16 PST 2006

I was wondering, what sort of speed should one expect using wpa_supplicant
and WPA-PSK?  I have a Toshiba laptop with an integrated intel pro/wireless
2200BG adapter.  I installed the ipw2200 driver but couldn't quite get it
working with wpa_supplicant.  I was getting a bunch of ioctl errors and
started using the 'wext' driver, per instructions found via google, and that
seems to be working fine.

I usually benchmark my network speeds by starting a download of the newest
fedora linux iso from one of the mirrors, in this case Duke University.
>From another wireless pc running Windows 2000, the transfer rate levels off
at around 77 KB per second (i hate my isp).  The wpa_supplicant laptop only
gets about 27 KB per second or so (I cancelled the other download before
starting this test).

So is it possible that I've configured something wrong, or is there some
current speed limitation with the driver?

Thanks for any help...
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