A important question

Juan Felipe Botero jfb
Tue Feb 28 12:13:43 PST 2006

HI, i really need some help:

I could compile the hostap driver with the path of the linux kernel of my embedded 
system for a IMXL card based in a arm architecture.

when i compiled the kernel a folder called: 
/lib/modules/ was created in my normal Linux
system file, so i created and copied this folder in the linux file system of the
embedded architecture, but when i started the Linux again, the driver didn't work. i 
put in the command line - ifconfig wlan0 up - and the answer was - no such device -. I 
think this could be because how the embedded system doesn't have pcmcia support, the 
folder /etc/pcmcia doesn't exist so the file: /etc/pcmcia/hostap_cs.conf doesn't 
exist, i dont know if is necessary that file exists?, i need help if i have done 
something wrong since the driver compilation.

The compact flash card is a sinao NL-2511CF mercury.
Please help me

lot of thanks

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