Association Problems. (WPA_Supplicant 0.5.1 + Madwifi-ng20060210)

Chad Meister chadlich
Mon Feb 27 09:20:30 PST 2006

Well, if your looking for a stable version of
madwifi-ng, I'm using svn version r1437 on GNU/Linux

I'm relatively happy with it.  I run it on my laptop
in sta mode and my desktop on ap mode.  I've managed
to get it to work in open mode (no authentification),
WPA-PSK (without hostapd).  Using hostapd, I've
managed to almost get WPA2 or WPA Enterprise.  It uses
CCMP for key exchange and authentification was is
performed using EAP-TLS using a Radius server.

Even though I've enable CCMP, instead of TKIP, I don't
 think it's a genuine RSN setup, but some sort of
hybrid , maybe TSN. (wifi alphabet soup).  This is
because I can't set the hostapd.conf variable: wpa=1. 
It only works as wpa=0.

I think this is some sort of bug in hostapd, but there
is a workaround patch for it, I think, at
 Don't quote me on this.

The only problem I've encountered so far is that I
can't get my dhcp server to dispense ip addresses
between wifi cards (even non-madwifi). But this may be
some firewall problem.

So aside from the questionable WPA2 support and the
dhcp problem, I'd recommend it (Again both these
problems may be my fault).  It's stable in terms of
connectivity and uptime.  Setting up this network,
however, has been a labor of love - it took me weeks. 


--- Renaud Roques <r.roques at> wrote:

> > > The scan gives good results. Wpa_supplicant
> tries to associate but next
> > > error is:
> > > ioctl[IEEE80211_IOCTL_SETMLME]: Argument list
> too long
> > > Association request to the driver failed
> > >
> > > It fails two times, and then scan begins
> again...
> > 
> > Are you using a recent version of madwifi-ng from
> SVN? (ie, within the
> > last 3 - 4 weeks)
> > 
> > I've tried recent versions, and I've talked to at
> least two other people
> > who've tried recent versions, and nobody has
> gotten it to work reliably
> > with wpa_supplicant.  Sometimes I don't event get
> it to work reliably on
> > it's own with iwconfig and the custom utils.  They
> really need to get
> > their s**t together.  On a side note, if anyone
> knows of a good /stable/
> > revision of madwifi-ng SVN, please let me know.
> My version of madwifi-ng is a CVS Version
> madwifi-ng-r1447-20060210.
> I'm also interested in knowing if there is a stable
> version...
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