Incompatibility hostapd - windows

jers at jers
Mon Feb 27 03:51:31 PST 2006

Hi all,

I'm writing for a simple information. Probably this information is obvious but I am a new user of wireless systems.

I carried out a system with a linux AP and Windows clients. The used security policy is WPA-PSK. In order to do that I have installed hostapd (working with madwifi) on the AP and the wpa_supplicant for windows on clients, in accordance with the documentation provided in hostap site. No problems... the system works very well.

But... WHY I need to install wpa_supplicant for Windows? Why the AP with hostapd and windows clients without wpa_supplicant cannot get the connection? I have also used commercial APs and I have configured the same clients in WPA-PSK mode with the normal procedures provided by Windows/card drivers (so without wpa_supplicant). I have not found any problem.

I know that WPA is standardized, so I cannot suppose that hostapd or Windows systems use different rules, or not? What is the reason of this incompatibility between hostapd and Windows?

Moreover, I tried to connect a RayTalk WiFi phone (RTWP 100) to the AP and neither it can get the connection.

Thanks in advance.


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