WEP-Open Key Auth - detection of Decryption Failures???

Tony Espy espy
Mon Feb 20 10:21:50 PST 2006

Is there anyway to detect decryption failures after association with a 
WEP Open Key access point other than keeping track of the discarded 
undecryptable RX packets via /proc/net/wireless or 

Also, are there any other causes of decryption failure besides an 
invalid key?

We frequently get customers calling in stating that they can't get an IP 
address for their Pepper Pad and quite often it can be traced back to an 
invalid WEP key entered.

It seems like Apple has some kind of magic in their laptop WiFi 
driver(s) and/or UI that figures out that a WEP key is incorrect and 
displays a popup message almost immediately.

The only way I can think of detecting a bad key from user space would be 
to modify the driver to reset the 'rx_discards_wep_undecryptable' 
counter to 0 on association, and then monitor the counter, displaying a 
popup dialog if the counter starts increasing.


Tony Espy
Principal Software Engineer
Pepper Computer, Inc.

p.s. I'm using v0.4.7 of the HostAP driver and wpa_supplicant.

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