Kernel Hang 2.6.11, 0.4.7, dual radios, Soekris boards

Kelly Hogan kshogan
Mon Feb 20 08:31:54 PST 2006


We are seeing an odd situation when we have two MP2511 (fw 1.8.2) boards
in a soekris sbc.  hostap driver loads fine after a complete power
cycle, (power off the radios) and comes up and both MP2511's work well
for about 36 hours.  Then, the system kernel hangs, and when the board
watchdog reboots the board, the kernel loads fine, but when the hostap
driver loads, it reports that the first (wifi0) board is detected, but
when the second board is normally detected, the kernel hangs.  Again,
the wathcdog will reboot, but the cycle continues until we completely
powerdown the boards.  We have not seen this with single radio
configurations.  However it seems to happen when one of the radios
associates with encrypted APs.  That seems to be the thing that causes
the "hang" of the radio, requiring complete powerdown.

We have replicated the problem on 0.3.7 and with different FW versions
on the boards (1.7.4)

Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

Thanks as always,

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