Adding wpa_cli -w option? (Was: Connect/Disconnect Script)

Martin Samuelsson hostap
Wed Feb 15 14:24:06 PST 2006

Jeff Sadowski @ 2006-02-15 (Wednesday), 09:26 (-0800)
> Appearently people didn't understand me the last time.
> I know you can start 
> wpa_cli -i <interface> -a <script>
> but you have to wait for wpa_supplicant to start
> first. I would like to know if maybe there is someway
> to have wpa_supplicant load the rule to start wpa_cli
> rule. If not I would like to make a request I would
> like an option in the wpa_supplicant.conf file to load
> this rule.

The way I've understood it is that the wpa_supplicant authors do not
consider bringing up the interfaces to be the job of that software.
Instead wpa_cli with an action script is supposed to do the job.
For this to work wpa_supplicant has to be running, which is a

I suggest that an option is added to wpa_cli to make it wait for
wpa_supplicant to be started. A quick and dirty hack for it is at;msg=55;att=1
(don't mind the other parts of the diff, unless you care about the full
debian bug report)

Such an option would make it possible to start both processes at boot,
and have network working right away.

Something was mentioned in the reply to your original message about
checking the return codes of the first execution, but I can't see how
that would be possible when starting that one as a background daemon.

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