wpa_supplicant: WPA: EAPOL-Key Replay Counter did not increase - dropping packet

Joey Richards joey
Sat Feb 11 12:12:07 PST 2006


I am suffering from the same problem as Vidar.  I'm running on an AMD 
Turion laptop with kernel 2.6.15-r1 built for x86_64.  My wireless card 
is a Broadcom, using the bcmwl5a 64-bit driver through ndiswrapper.  I 
connect to a Netgear WGR614 wireless router using WPA-PSK.

I have collected two logs -- one is an annotated log from wpa_supplicant 
with the -ddt option (search for <<<<< to find my comments).  The other 
is the iwevent log from the same period.  These are available at

What you'll see in the logs is my connecting to the access point 
(bork-wireless), accompanied by a couple events in the iwevent log. 
About 7 minutes later, wpa_supplicant successfully handshakes with no 
event in the iwevent log.  Next, about half an hour later, it attempts 
to handshake, fails due to the "Replay Counter" error, and repeats until 
I noticed the connection had died.  I closed wpa_supplicant and this 
caused the final iwevent activity -- reporting a connection to an access 
point with address 00:00:00:00:00:00.  There was no activity at all in 
the iwevent log after the initial connection until I shut down 

Any assistance would be most appreciated, now by two of us.  Please let 
me know if there are any other tests I can run that would help with 


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