hostapd/wpa_supplicant - new stable release v0.4.8

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Thu Feb 9 18:42:08 PST 2006

On Thu, Feb 09, 2006 at 09:05:22AM -0600, John H. wrote:

> I looked at it, I guess I got carried away moving around code when I made the
> patch and forgot to copy in the copyright notice. The notice looks like this:

>  * WPA Supplicant - driver interaction with MADWIFI 802.11 driver
>  * Copyright (c) 2004, Sam Leffler <sam at>

> Though you may not think so, it's the original copyright notice from the Zydas
> wpa_supplicant code.

And like I have mentioned before, this has nothing to do with reality.
Sam Leffler is not the author of the Zydas driver interface. His code
may have indeed been used as the starting point for this, but whoever
did that did not bother updating the copyright notice and as such, I
have no confidence in the license notice being correct either.

> I can deliver an updated patch if necessary, but do you really need it for
> anything ?

I don't need such a patch, but I do care about the copyright holders
licensing this code with a compatible license. So far, I have not seen
any indication of this being the case for the part that is likely owned
by Zydas. They may have indeed planned on licensing it with BSD/GPLv2,
but there is no clear statement of this anywhere to be found. Until this
materializes somehow or someone does a complete re-implementation, I
have no plans on including this driver interface in wpa_supplicant

> I hope you're aware that newer versions of the USB driver don't seem to work
> with the Zydas zd1211 wpa_supplicant driver. I hope you also noticed that
> there's a patch to the USB driver, which uses the wext wpa_supplicant driver,
> so it can use stock wpa_supplicant.
> Seems an updated USB driver might be on the way, so in a few days it may not
> be necessary to patch anything.

Using driver_wext.c is certainly the preferred way of doing this.

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