error with madwifi-ng

Chad Meister chadlich
Thu Feb 9 16:44:25 PST 2006


Hope I can help.  I recently managed to connect two
atheros cards using the madwifi-ng drivers (r1437 and
r1443 versions respectivetly), hostapd and
wpa_supplicant 0.4.7, and Radius 1.1.0.  It was pretty

I didn't encountered your error at all. The best way
to find the source of your problem probably would be
to run each application in debug mode and in separate
terminal to see them interact.  You can use the script
-f command to record the output, for review. 

You'll have to share your configs and debug output and
hopefully I can help.


--- pelusa vali <pelusitavali at> wrote:

> hi everybody, i use madwifi-ng, hostapd and
> freeradius to add security to a 
> wlan, i can run freeradius and hostapd, but when
> client try to connect, get 
> this:
> ioctl [ieee80211_ioctl_setmlme  : Argument list too
> long
> so, what is the error?? i use tls and i think all my
> configurations are ok, 
> maybe hostapd don't work so fine with madwifi??
> thanks in advance

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