EAP-TLS too fast?

Andrea G Forte andreaf
Thu Feb 9 08:15:29 PST 2006

> I don't know whether I can help you with this problem.. Or maybe adding
> some extra usleep(10) delays in random places would be suitable to make
> the authentication take longer.. ;-)
This might be the solution! :)
Well, I feel better knowing that I am not just pushing buttons on a 
keyboard and the setup is correct.
Here is the link to a paper in which they say the average delay was 
about 1.1 seconds (read Introduction for example) and later on in their 
own experiments they have a full authentication (without their proposed 
improvement) delay of 800+ msec.
Are they just wrong? They use Pentium III computers for their 
experiments, but I would not think that this would make such a BIG 
Your opinion is very much appreciated.


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