RADIUS-assigned VLANs and hostapd

Oliver Gorwits oliver.gorwits
Wed Feb 8 10:53:25 PST 2006

Hi folks,

This isn't something I expect hostapd to do directly, but was wondering if 
any of you had experience with this topic...

Do there exist any solutions for using RADIUS-assigned VLANs (under either 
Linux or BSD) after hostapd 802.1X authentication?

Some vendors' access points, when acting as the 802.1X Authenticator, can 
place an authenticated client's traffic into a particular VLAN (by mapping 
an authorized PAE to a VLAN, I guess). Any ideas for how to go about doing 
this with a hostapd-based system?

I've googled around and also looked in the list archives back to 2004-01, 
and not found much, except for the following use (extension?) of hostapd 
which appears to support VLAN assignment:


Many thanks for any guidance offered,

Oliver Gorwits, Network Infrastructure Group,
Oxford University Computing Services

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