wpa supplicant and ipw (and wext) driver with wpa/tkip

Nicolas Guillot guillot.nicolas
Tue Feb 7 10:20:38 PST 2006

> Which ISP is this? Wanadoo? 
> Do you know the vendor and model number of 
my livebox is an inventel and model number is : DV4210-WA

> the AP? Google search for "wanadoo tkip group cipher" will likely get
> you to couple of threads on this particular issue.. Short summary: It
> looks like the AP is broken. It is reporting TKIP as the group cipher,
> but the key length for TKIP is set to 13 which would match with
> WEP-104..
> > WPA: Unsupported TKIP Group Cipher key length 13 (13).

Thanks a lot, I search for further informations on this :)

> This is just not supposed to happen in WPA. It is possible to make
> wpa_supplicant ignore this, but receiving broadcast/multicast frames may
> not work with that AP. I don't have access to any of APs behaving in
> this way, so I have been unable to create a tested workaround for this.
Peraphs I can try to create this test, if you explain to me how doing that :)


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