In FC-3

Jar jar
Mon Feb 6 00:14:03 PST 2006

> Dear sir,
>  Thanks for your mail and advice
>  I tried that..(black-listing orinoco_pci from /etc/hotplug/blacklist. #rmmod
> orinoco_pci, modeprobe -r orinoco_pci)
> But still they are eth..... not wlan...
>  should i need to edit the modeprobe.conf?

In modprobe.conf there should be line: alias wlan0 hostap_pci

If the blacklistning doesn't work, you can always move the orinoco_pci.ko module
outside the kernel module tree
(/lib/modules/2.6.xx-xx_FC3/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/), and then run 'depmod
-ea'. E.g.

1)mv lib/modules/2.6.xx-xx_FC3/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/orinoco_pci.ko /home/Ashfaq
2)depmod -ea
3)Reboot the system

Best Regards, Jar

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