Manfid typographical error in hostap_cs.c for Dlink dwl-650p?

Jar jar
Sat Dec 30 02:40:46 PST 2006

> I think 0x000b:0x7110 should be added to hostap_cs.c.  It is present in
> hostap_cs.conf distributed with hostap-0.4.9, but it was lost during
> conversion to the embedded PCMCIA IDs.  The ID is also present in
> wlan-ng.conf distributed with linux-wlan-ng, which further confirms that
> the card uses a compatible Prism chipset.

Is this is the reason why the wlan0 interface doesn't exixst? Hostap_cs doesn't know
that it actually supports 0x000b:0x7110.

Best Regards, Jar

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