need sample data for PTK and MIC calculations for WPA-PSK

Surjit Singh surjitsingh1971
Thu Dec 28 04:55:42 PST 2006


I'm trying to port wpa_supplicant to our system using
WPA-PSK. The Access Point (DI-524) doesnt respond to
the supplicant's Eapol Key. What could be the reason?
I have the following situation

A ----EAPOL key---> S
S ----EAPOL key---> A

No repsonse from A.

I'd like to test the code used on my system. I was
wondering if somebody would be good enough to direct
me to sample data that uses predefined values of
ANONCE and SNONCE and the addresses and the expected
values of the MIC and the PTK.


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