wpa_supplicant in ad hoc mode

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Wed Dec 27 13:26:45 PST 2006

On Wed, Dec 27, 2006 at 09:20:24PM +0100, Benoit PAPILLAULT wrote:

> Jouni : since you are the most experienced on this subject, what effort 
> would be involved in implementing 802.11i in IBSS mode? I'll be happy to 
> contribute, except i'm not a security expert.

One part of this has been done already, i.e., it is now possible to link
in authenticator code from hostapd into wpa_supplicant and then run both
authenticator and supplicant functionality in the same process. The
example code for doing this is in tests/test_wpa.c (make test_wpa).

The next step is to merge test_wpa.c code into the main supplicant in a
way that allows multiple authenticator and supplicant entities to be
created dynamically (IEEE 802.11i/IBSS requires both functions to be
implemented in each STA and there will be separate entities of each for
all the connections between STAs in the IBSS).

Final step would be to add support for some drivers to allow IEEE
802.11i/IBSS to be used. This would involve both configuration (e.g.,
suitable RSN IE into Beacon/ProbeRsp frames) and notifications (driver
event telling wpa_supplicant that a connection would be desired with a
given peer STA MAC address in the IBSS).

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