Manfid typographical error in hostap_cs.c for Dlink dwl-650p?

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Sun Dec 24 04:54:44 PST 2006

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From: Jar <jar at>
> Could it be that you card lacks the firmware image in its flash memory 
> and it should be loaded when the card is initialized? See:
>          bool "Support downloading firmware images with Host AP driver"
>          depends on HOSTAP
>          ---help---
>          Configure Host AP driver to include support for firmware image
>          download. This option by itself only enables downloading to the
>          volatile memory, i.e. the card RAM. This option is required to
>          support cards that don't have firmware in flash, such as D-Link
>          DWL-520 rev E and D-Link DWL-650 rev P.
>          Firmware image downloading needs a user space tool, prism2_srec.
>          It is available from
> "
> I don't know if the firmware can be loaded via kernel firmware 
> downloading system by just copy the correct firmware images to 
> /lib/firmware or equivalent directory. Or is the prism2_srec tool really 
> needed.
> You can try with pm010102.hex and rf010704.hex firmware files from 

Only one problem - all the documentation talks about invoking the firmware
loader with a particular interface name:

In hostap-utils/README:
  prism2_srec [-vvrgfdpisD] [-P <PDA file>] [-O <PDA binary>] <interface> \
              <srec file name> [srec file name]

Also, in hostap-utils/hostap-fw-load:

The latter makes me think that there should be something in my
/proc/net/hostap but this is empty :(

> See also:

This also talks about a wlan0, which I don't have...

> and

Yes, this person has exactly the same problem as me (no wlan0)

> > After reading
> > I also added the following to /etc/pcmcia/hostap_cs.conf:
> > 
> > card "Dlink Weird Card"
> >   manfid 0x000b, 0x7110
> >   bind "hostap_cs"
> The old system (pcmcia-cs) reads the hostap_cs.conf file, but not the 
> new system (pcmciautils). The same info is build inside the hostap_cs 
> module itself. I think the old and new system can't coexist simultaneously.

I'll try a fresh debian (etch) and see what's installed by default.


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