HostAP and WPA2 with Intersil Prism card

Aaron Baillargeon abaillargeon
Mon Dec 18 06:17:47 PST 2006

Alex Pounds wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 17, 2006 at 04:43:01PM +0200, Jar wrote:
>> Alex Pounds wrote:
>>> I can associate to the access point, but it then flip-flops
>>> between associated and unassociated. You haven't found a solution to this
>> Consider to downgrade to 1.7.4 firmware.
> I've downgraded to 1.7.4, but I have exactly the same problem as before.
> Debugging output with -dd from wpa_supplicant is pretty much identical
> (sometimes it receives 3 BSSIDs instead of 1 from the previous session). 
> Any other ideas? 
Just from staring at these for a couple days, the debug output seems 
like it might be a config error on either the authentication server or 
the client. From the log it seems you're using wpa2-psk/ccmp?, have you 
tried wpa-psk/tkip or other configs and gotten them to work?

There are a bunch of sample config files on the supplicant main page.  
My config for wpa2ccmp is:


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