hostapd first Launch unsuccessful

Nazeer Khan Nazeer.Khan
Thu Dec 14 02:56:04 PST 2006


Whenever i run hostapd i have to do it twise. The first time it just stop
due to "bind(PF_UNIX)" i guess. Why does this happens the first time. The
second time i run hostapd, i am successful.

By second time i mean the following.....

root at nazeer:/etc/hostapd# hostapd -dd WPA_EAP.conf
=>Error given below........

In the same terminal after the error.
root at nazeer:/etc/hostapd# hostapd -dd WPA_EAP.conf
=>Works fine......

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Error Output>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Configuration file: WPA_EAP.conf
Configure bridge br0 for EAPOL traffic.
madwifi_set_iface_flags: dev_up=0
Using interface ath0 with hwaddr 00:11:95:f2:86:2d and ssid 'NK_EAP_Enabled'
ath0: RADIUS Authentication server
madwifi_set_ieee8021x: enabled=1
madwifi_configure_wpa: group key cipher=1
madwifi_configure_wpa: pairwise key ciphers=0x2
madwifi_configure_wpa: key management algorithms=0x1
madwifi_configure_wpa: rsn capabilities=0x0
madwifi_configure_wpa: enable WPA= 0x1
madwifi_set_iface_flags: dev_up=1
madwifi_set_privacy: enabled=1
WPA: group state machine entering state GTK_INIT
GMK - hexdump(len=32): c1 1a 2d ae 2a 43 17 77 95 6a c0 d0 d8 9d c0 83 47
d9 63 26 6e c5 ef 51 3f cc ef 9a cb 7b b8 c1
GTK - hexdump(len=32): ed 27 08 7e 9a 0d 78 b5 1d 6c a9 72 cd d1 05 6d 04
38 a4 86 70 d6 95 82 4e 99 fa ed ed 42 cd ba
WPA: group state machine entering state SETKEYSDONE
madwifi_set_key: alg=TKIP addr=00:00:00:00:00:00 key_idx=1
Flushing old station entries
madwifi_sta_deauth: addr=ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff reason_code=3
Deauthenticate all stations
bind(PF_UNIX): Address already in use >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> why ???
Failed to setup control interface
madwifi_set_privacy: enabled=0
madwifi_set_ieee8021x: enabled=0
madwifi_set_iface_flags: dev_up=0

Why do i have to run hostapd two times everytime???

Thank you.

Nazeer Khan

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