Problem Configuring "hostapd"

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Wed Dec 13 04:04:43 PST 2006

Nazeer Khan wrote:
> I got openssl now. I download it from "" and 
> configured it successfully. I am trying to set the path variable, but
> i don't know where i am doing the mistake. I am having the same
> problem again. My path to openssl is as under.
> /usr/src/CASC-LWAP/openssl-0.9.7l/include/openssl/ssl.h 
> /usr/local/ssl/include/openssl/ssl.h
> How can i add the path.

Did you install OpenSSL from source, or only configure it?  It looks
like it may have been installed.

You *should* have just installed your distro's openssl-devel or
openssl-dev package.  That would put all the right files into the right
places so that you don't have to mess with *anything* to get it to work;
gcc would find it by default.

If you've installed OpenSSL from sources, you're probably running a
strange mix of versions, and it may not even work right.  I'd suggest
removing OpenSSL (if "make uninstall" doesn't work, then you'll have to
do it by hand) and installing your distro's -devel package.

And don't mess with $PATH at all -- that's *only* used to find programs
to run, not headers or libraries.  Those are found using gcc's -I and -L
flags; but you won't need any flags if you just use your distro's

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