HostAP and WPA2 with Intersil Prism card

Alex Pounds alex
Wed Dec 13 03:09:48 PST 2006

On Tue, December 12, 2006 3:40 pm, Dave Neuer wrote:
> I'm new here too, and probably reall don't know what I'm talking
> about. That caveat aside:
> I just spent the last couple of days slaving over my Belkin Prism 2.5
> card and Debian desktop, trying to get it to work with my WPA-enabled
> router also. I managed to finally get it to "sort of" work by updating
> the firmware on the card using prism2_srec (which comes with
> hostap-utils) and then running the normal debian "interfaces" way w/
> wpa_supplicant and the hostap kernel driver. So it seems like it is
> possible to get it working without running hostapd.


Could I get some more details from you regarding your Debian setup? I too am
running Debian, and spent last night trying to update my firmware. I'm using
a 2.6.17 kernel (the kernel-image-2.6.17-2-686 package, I think - this is
all off the top of my head) and the hostap-utils to provide prism2_srec,
etc. I've downloaded the latest firmware, but when I try to do a "dry run" I
get a message that prism2_srec couldn't read the wlan card's PDA, and
telling me I need to have a certain config option (PRISM2_DOWNLOAD_*,
perhaps?) enabled in my hostap_config.h. I get the same message if I use the
-r option to try and pop the firmware in RAM.

I did presume that the hostap modules didn't have this option enabled, but
now I'm starting to think it may be something else. Did you have to futz
around and build your own kernel to get it working, or are you using a
Debian stock kernel?

Apologies for being vague about the error messages, by the way - the laptop
in question is at home, and I am not.

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