Pseudo_ibss mode does not work in for kernel-2.6

Vinayak Naik naik
Mon Dec 4 13:42:29 PST 2006


I have been using hostap-driver-3.7 in pseudo_ibss mode under
kernel-2.4.19 for a while. Recently, I have upgraded to kernel-2.6.14.

As a result, hostap-driver-3.7 to hostap-driver-4.1 do not work on the
new kernel. Here is the error message "pcmcia: hostap_cs lacks a
requisite callback function". So I have upgraded to hostap-driver-4.4.
Although the error goes away, the card is not able to communicate with
its peers in pseudo_ibss mode. I am using the same old cards. Any
idea, what's wrong?


- Vinayak

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