use case of FilterID in hostap

于爱民 yuaimin
Sun Dec 3 18:33:15 PST 2006

Hello every one !
    I am doing some experience about trusted network connection.I use hostAPd as my Access Point.As the TNC Specification required,the AP should support FilterID to isolate the current connection to specific location.So can someone add the function handling FilterID .
    Thank you very much!!

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>  On Fri, Oct 20, 2006 at 03:24:36PM +0800, ?????? wrote:

> 	I am using HostAPd(on a wired Ethernet Card) and a Radius server to do some experience. I want to know if the HostAPd support the Filter-Id Attribute that is wrapped in a Accept-Accept packet.

> No, hostapd does not control any filtering that would benefit of this
> attribute and as such, it is not parsed from Access-Accept. Do you have
> some specific use cases in mind for this attribute? What would you like
> hostapd to do if the RADIUS server includes this attribute? I could
> think of adding a callback function to be called when Access-Accept is
> received. This function would likely be empty at least for the time
> being, but there would be a clear place to add some custom code if
> someone wants to add extra actions based on Access-Accept. It would also
> be possible to just send this frame to another process to allow changing
> this behavior without having to modify hostapd.



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