Uncancelled timeout in driver_ndis

Vincent Maurin vincent.maurin
Mon Aug 28 03:21:53 PDT 2006


I use wpa supplicant in a Visual Studio project (in C#). I call directly 
main function to associate, add interface, ....
It works fine

I had memory error when I unplugged my usb wifi adapter while it was 
I had searched in the code, debugging and the problem was that some 
timeout set by the ndis driver weren't cancelled when I removed the 
disappeared interface, so when the timer expired, It try to access to an 
destroyed wpa_supplicant structure.

In wpa_driver_ndis_scan, this timeout is set

00580 eloop_register_timeout 
<http://hostap.epitest.fi/wpa_supplicant/devel/eloop_8c.html#a12>(3, 0, 
wpa_driver_ndis_scan_timeout, drv,
00581 drv->ctx);

In wpa_driver_ndis_deinit, it's not cancelled

01759 eloop_cancel_timeout 
drv, NULL);

In my code I add

drv, drv->ctx);

to resolve the problem.

I wonder if it's my use of wpa supplicant which causes this problem, or 
if it can occur on normal use (then it's a bug)

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