#defines for customization

George S. Lockwood gslockwood
Sun Aug 27 17:15:25 PDT 2006


Would it be possible to create a #define such as PIPENAME (for the new
window's named pipe) in an appropriate .h file that all c modules that
would need it already #include?  This would allow people like me to
modify a minimum of your "pure" c modules.

If you would do that would you consider adding another for defining
the max size of the request reply.


#define MSGREPLYSIZE 8192 // for very large replies such as a large
number SSIDs from a SCAN_RESULTS request.

#define PPCPIPENAME "\\\\.\\pipe\\ABCSupplicant"

What other variables might fall into this area where a "user" of the
supplicant et al would benefit in this way??

I think this is a useful idea to pursue.

thanks so much,


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