Suspected bad cade in prism2_ioctl_giwencodeext()

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Sat Aug 26 19:04:39 PDT 2006

Looks like I missed this email and only found in while going through my
pending mailing list folder..

On Wed, May 03, 2006 at 11:33:32AM -0700, Jean Tourrilhes wrote:

> 	I suspect the following bit of code does not work.
> -----------------------------------------------------
> static int prism2_ioctl_giwencodeext(struct net_device *dev,
> 				     struct iw_request_info *info,
> 				     struct iw_point *erq, char *extra)
> {
> [...]
> 	struct iw_encode_ext *ext = (struct iw_encode_ext *) extra;
> [...]
> 	addr = ext->addr.sa_data;
> 	if (addr[0] == 0xff && addr[1] == 0xff && addr[2] == 0xff &&
> 	    addr[3] == 0xff && addr[4] == 0xff && addr[5] == 0xff) {
> -----------------------------------------------------
> 	For the GET requests, only the 'struct iw_point' part of the
> request is passed from user-space to kernel, on the other hand 'extra'
> is never passed from user-space to kernel. So, in the code above, you
> have garbage in extra at the start of the function, and therefore
> garbage in 'addr'.

Hmm.. That's not good. I don't think I've ever used this ioctl since
both Host AP driver and madwifi are still using private ioctls for this
functionality. What controls which information is passed to the kernel?
I would have expecgted the user space program to make that address
available and kernel would have possibility of copying it. Is it being
filtered in the generic WEXT code in kernel? Or is the driver just
expected to copy it from user space?

> 	Moreover, I don't know how it is supposed to work in user
> space. If I want to list all the keys, I must do an exhaustive search
> in all the possible MAC addresses ? Because I don't see a way for
> userspace to 'guess' which MAC addresses are used or not.

This ioctl was not added for enumerating the keys. It was added to
provide a mechanism for fetching the current TX counters (TSC for TKIP
and PN for CCMP) from the driver. This functionality is only needed for
AP functionality and in practice, it would actually be enough to just be
able to query the sequence number for the broadcast keys..

> 	The reason why this all came up is that I've finally
> implemented SIOCGIWENCODEEXT in the wireless tools (29-pre10, iwlist
> wpakeys). While testing agains various drivers, I realised that I was
> not getting any useful results.
> 	I checked in wpa_supplicant, and it does not seem to implement
> those functions.
> 	I believe we have an API definition issue. There could be
> various way to deal with that, but, as you designed the API, I want to
> get your feedback first.

The part of not being able to use this to enumerate keys was by design.
However, it would be nice to fix the part of being able to read the
sequence numbers correctly. A minimal change would be to just define
that SIOCGIWENCODEEXT can only be used to query group keys and remove
the unicast case from hostap_ioctl.c (and other drivers that may have

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