Blocking code for Windows Pipes.

George S. Lockwood gslockwood
Wed Aug 23 07:15:24 PDT 2006

Hello, I have implemented the new s/w code for the windows named pipe
resource and it works fine for using the single wpa_ctrl (and
attached) to send msgs.

However, when I implemented a second wpa_ctrl (and attached to it
instead of the first) to monitor the unsolicited msg and using the
same code I set up to create a thread and block for the msgs for when
the s/w code was using udp sockets, it seems to block that thread and
never receive a msg to process.

Have you already tested this out?  Perhaps I need to adjust my code in some way?

What exactly should I block for?

Here's my the code my thread starts as is today (I pass a pointer to
my object so I can access the wpa_ctrl member):

	char buf[256];
	size_t len;

    CPPCWPA* pThis = NULL;
	if (lpParam)
		pThis = (CPPCWPA*)lpParam;

	while( TRUE )
		cout << "inside true" << endl;

		DWORD dwResult = WaitForSingleObject( (HANDLE)wpa_ctrl_get_fd(
pThis->m_pWpa_ctrlMonitor ), INFINITE );//m_pWpa_ctrlMonitor

		DWORD dwError = GetLastError();

		if (dwResult == WAIT_OBJECT_0)
			if (pThis)
				// don't need wpa_ctrl_pending with the WaitForSingleObject
				//while( wpa_ctrl_pending( pThis->m_pWpa_ctrlMonitor ) ) //monitor_conn
					len = sizeof(buf) - 1;
					if (wpa_ctrl_recv( pThis->m_pWpa_ctrlMonitor, buf, &len) == 0)
						buf[len] = '\0';
						pThis->EventMessageHandler( buf, len );
				}// end while

	return 0;


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